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Startup Videos

Below you will find the key videos that will help you quickly get up to speed.

Below you will find the key videos that will help you quickly get up to speed.

30-Second Summary Video

This video gives a super quick peek at the 3 things our program covers: Strategies (Number Sense & Efficiency), Automaticity & Fraction Mastery.

2 Key Challenges of this Program

This program will consistently catapult your students to confidence and mastery, but only if you take a minute to schedule the needed usage. It's also deeply challenging, so your students will need to bring their best mental effort. It's active engagement, not passive entertainment.

Strategies Walkthrough Video

A 10-minute walk-through of our new "Strategies" program that blends the mutually reinforcing benefits of strategic number sense and efficiency.

3 Steps to Cure Fractions

The latest research shows that fractions don't have to be a struggle. This video shows 3 simple steps that can enable you to completely solve fractions in your district, school or classroom.

Walkthrough Video

Walk through the key research data and see how the program is able to generate it so effectively.

Powerful Curriculum for a Critical Problem

Early fraction knowledge is THE strongest predictor of long-term algebra knowledge and mathematics achievement, but students still struggle universally with them. That is why the National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report determined that fractions are "the most important foundational skill not presently developed."

THAT is why we have pioneered such a uniquely powerful tool--so that we can finally CURE fractions.

See for yourself. Run your students through our demo. You'll quickly see for yourself that this program truly has the power necessary to quickly transform your entire population.

-National Mathematics Advisory Panel, Final Report, 2008

"27% of eighth-graders could not correctly shade 1/3 of a rectangle."

- U.S. Department of Education, 2004.


Intense Engagement = Intense Learning

Any program can keep a student amused and occupied. That's not good enough. Our high-end gameplay provides an extra level of engagement that enables them to work quickly through our rigorous, powerful curriculum.

But you'll have to see it for yourself to believe it. So grab a student and watch how effectively they learn in our awesome program.


"Now I don't have to spend my whole year re-teaching prerequisite skills."

-Heather Wrigley, 4th-grade teacher

Ready for Algebra

Fractions generally comprise about 1/6 of an elementary student's End of Grade Test. That's significant, but the real impact likely won't be felt until they hit Algebra the end of Middle School. That's why "a major goal for K-8 mathematics education should be proficiency with fractions."

-National Mathematics Advisory Panel, Final Report, 2008

Research Results
In our first randomized study with a control group, students who played our Fractions game for just two hours improved 9% more than the control group on an external assessment. 16% if you remove outliers and students already scoring above 90%.

Run a pilot with your own class so you can make a data-driven decision based on your own student results.

"It's so fun to teach a class that's all caught up in fractions."

-Brenda Miller
3rd-grade teacher


Unit 2 Gauntlet


Character Upgrades


Sentinels in Shrime 1A


Shrine 1C


Fraction Strip Story Problem


Unit 1 Gauntlet


Equivalent Fractions with Double Number Lines






Unit 2


Draggable Fraction Pieces


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